Savage 110 FCP in 338 Lapua Magnum


Sep 4, 2016
I have had this rifle since spring of 2018. I have only shot a hand loaded 270 grain Hornady ELD-X over 92.6 grains of H-1000 in Norma brass with a wincheter mag primer. Also I have only shot paper at a hundred but it stacks them very well at that distance. Spread in velocity is better out of this rifle than my 300 win mag!! I had purchased a box of Berger 250 grain elite hunters and would like to try them out and would like to now if anyone has experience with this round ? Powder charge and type , primer , neck tension etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Also if you have or have had this rifle how do you like it and have there any mods been mage for improvements.
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