Savage 110 BA

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  1. hjl

    hjl Well-Known Member

    Oct 20, 2005
    Hi to all,
    Silly question time. Can a Savage 110 BA in 338 Lapua be rebarreled to a 7.21 Lazzeroi Firebird? Which do you think is better a 7.21 Lazzeroi or a 7mm Allen mag? Can one buy a 7mm Allen mag reamer or do you have to get Mr Allen to chamber your barrel for you? Why I am thinking of the 7.21 Lazzeroi over the 7mm Allen mag is I can buy a Lazz. reamer and cases from Midway & dies. Sure they are dear. Reamer & dies I would be buying once. I may wear some cases out.
    Thanks for your help.