S&W model 25 or 625 .45ACP Revolver

Bud's gun shop has S&W Governor for $939.00 in stock, if that'll help ya.
I would not suggest that, those MIM / lock guns are crummy compared to the pre-mim guns - owned a few & handled a few at IDPA matches.
Pay the $$ and buy the earlier model - I may have an extra 625 in the case sold most of our extras, this one I think we sold on GB not sure.

The 4 inch pictured is gone, I have 2 - 3in (my personal favorite for combat / defense shooting I may sell one) pics to follow.
I think one is a lew horton I will confirm.

EDIT: Here are the two I have left:

Top is a -3 "Model of 1989" excellent condition not modified I may have the box.

Bottom is a Lew Horton -2 "modified by S&W" I am thinking I will keep it for a shooter.

If you are interested in top revolver PM me, we can do a FTF at my FFLs (Sayre / Mansfield) or I can ship to your FFL

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