S&B 3-21x50 EXOS D7 CCW ST/ST

I’ll chime in and say that the reticle illuminates....and it’s the most user friendly I’ve seen....has a dedicated turret on the left side positioned back near the eye piece. A simple dial from 0-10 changes the brightness. Turns off automatically if the rifle sits idle. And the actual red dot is perfect. It’s tiny, crisp and no bleed over into the rest of the view. I use mine 100% of the time, even on a sunny day.
I can’t say enough positive things about the Exos....I wouldn’t use it on a light weight build where you’re trying to cut ounces, but it’s nowhere near as heavy as a comparable NF Atacr...comes in about 30oz. Vs 41oz for the NF.
And it’s has that same rugged build....I have mine on a 9lb rifle and it balances perfectly.
Alpha glass at $700-$800 discount....the only way to buy optics.