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SOLD/EXPIRED RWS Diana model 75-S-T01


Jan 28, 2013
I know this definitely isn't a long range rifle. But thought maybe one of you shoot 10m air rifle for practice or maybe have a kid that does.

Olympic style RWS Diana 75-S TO1 air rifle. This is a very specialized and precise rifle. It will hit a .5mm dot at 10m that is, if you can do your job.
I thought maybe someone on here has a kid on a rifle team or something.
I have a RWS Diana model 75S- TO1 for sale. It functions great! Chronographs around 600ft/sec. Complete with TO1 sights as well. This two stage trigger is awesome! It adjusts down to 30grams I believ. I usually shoot an anschutz 2002 superair, but I have been shooting this the last few weeks and the trigger may actually be nicer than the Annie. It has some minor indentations. Please look closely at pics. It has a number 9 stamped into the butt stock. Has some light rust on cylinder that closes to the breech. Has adjustable cheeck piece. It was made in November of 1988. I'd rate this rifle somewhere between 87%-90%. From what I understand the TO1's had the best trigger of the 75's. Please call or email if you have any questions. This will be listed on multiple sites.
$500 plus shipping
Adam 419-234-8284


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