SOLD/EXPIRED Ruger Super Blackhawk/Mossberg 835


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Oct 24, 2009
I am considering selling or trading a Ruger Superblackhawk .44 mag. And a Mossberg 835 to fund my latest rifle build. I am not sure exactly what a fair price is on either gun but the .44 has had 1 box of ammo through it and the shotgun a couple hundred rounds. I am looking for an adjustable tactical stock for my Remington 700 SA and tactical rings and bases and would consider trades. If anyone is interested make an offer. Also I live in WA consider the price of the transfer through FFL. Thanks.

From the looks of it these Super Blackhawks are going for around $500 on auction and the 835 around $250. If anyone is interested I will sell the Ruger for $450 and the Mossberg for $200.
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Prices are completely negotiable if anyone is interested please make an offer.