Rockies Win Rockies Win Rockies Win

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    Feb 11, 2009
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    Apr 6, 2018
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    Long time Cubs fan here. Quite happy my guys FINALLY got one. Used to losing though...Buffalo Bills fan as well. :confused: Anyway, time for the only story i have that deals with me and the Cubs, kinda. Was wandering around the local mall, passed a sporting goods store, and noticed a mannequin wearing a Cubs jersey. So being curious, i walked in and up to the display, walked around the backside and saw "SANDBERG 23" Well i gotta have that! :) So i found a salesman and asked if was for sale. He did one of those look around looks, you know :cool:, and said, "Gimme 50 dollars and you can take it home." I rifled the purse of the first one who stood next to me at the alter :mad:, made up the difference of what i didnt have, then asked the guy to bag it up, and i had my first sports jersey. When i got home, i noticed several nice things about it. It was a replica jersey from the 84 or 85, NLDS or CS, sorry horrible memory, with patches and all. The most interesting thing though, was the price tag was still attached...349.95!!! To end the story, and the highjacking:rolleyes:, i still have it and wore it during game 7 of the Cubs World Series win. Good luck to all your teams, unless they play Buffalo or the Cubbies ;). CWF