RL 33 & 300 wby


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May 18, 2013
I sent berger tech support a email to get some load data for my 300 weatherby. 30 cal 230 gr hybrid target RL 33 starting load 76.5 @2494. max load 85.2 @ 2830. 3.56 coal 26 " barrel. hope this helps someone. its amazing how quick berger gets back when I have a question. great company. embork:)
I just got a rifle in 300 Wby with a 26" barrel.

Your/Berger's numbers looked familiar.

They are straight out of QuickLoad.

While it is possible that the Berger Ballisticians/help staff could arrive at the same numbers manually or with some other program I find it unlikely.

To me it appears Berger is using QuickLoad. Go Berger:)
I got a email from walt a couple of years ago before there book came out & I think it did say quickload on the email. I checked it with quickload & like you said it is right on.:)
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