Right base/rings for Savage 16 FSS

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    Jun 4, 2003
    I went to Sportsmans and bought all my stuff to reload, including my base and rings to mount my scope on. Well, I have always preferred Leupold, well they dont carry the base for this model and they said to call Leupold and order it from them. Being so impatient I asked well do you have anything that will fit my Savage 16 FSS. There was weaver bases and he got the book out and found what he thought was the right base. Now my rifle has a round front and a flat back. We found both pieces and then he recomended to put Burris Zee Rings atop them. I says so this will work right? He says yes. Ok so I trust him and drive the 45 minutes back home to find out they dont work at all. The bases seem to fit fine, but the little cross bar in the Rings is loose and when the screw is all the way tightened, its still loose as a goose. Meaning my scope will move and shift after every shot so I know its not even worth trying to attempt to go any farther. Does anybody know what I should use for a base/rings combination for this rifle? I have heard/read where quite a few people have trouble finding the right base/rings for these short mags, maybe savage inparticular? Anyways, if anybody can give me a recomendation, I'd really appreciate it!
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    Oct 25, 2003