SOLD/EXPIRED RFD F-class/1000Y,6x47L+6PPC$1900


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Jan 27, 2007
Anybody that knows Bob Dodd also knows that he is a perfectionist.This rifle reflects that desire.

Now included is a 21" Krieger 6PPC barrel chambered to this gun + dies and 6PPC brass.

Affordable Extreme Accuracy.If you were to build a rifle comparable to this new it would cost upwards of $4000.

It pains me to sell this superb rifle!Work is slow!

This is the rifle that got me hooked on long range but I've since transitioned to tactical matches rather than F-class or 1000Y benchrest.

This is the most accurate rifle I've ever owned or will probably ever own.The load I have for the rifle right now shoots .2 .3" groups with DTAC 115's at 3060 fps.

This was Bob Dodd's personal rifle!!!Made to exact tolerances.You would have to cycle this action to appreciate the fit and smoothness of it.Bob's office walls are lined with small group plaques and plaques of benchrest wins that he won with this rifle throughout the years when it was in 6PPC.

Rifle action:...RFD Benchrest

1.Semi polished Stainless steel single shot only action,no cut out for mags.
2.Right bolt,left port.Fluted with strait flutes.
3.Coned breach and bolt...308 family bolt face.Makes for extremely smooth feeding!
4.Ingenious sliding extractor system that works with PPC case rims as well as .308 family cartridges.
5.Ejecterless for ultimate accuracy.
6.Fitted firing pin with fast spring and aluminum bolt shroud.

Non safety Jewel set at 1 ounce.

Black in color Lee six style benchrest(3" wide forearm) with aluminum trigger guard.Weighted in the rear for perfect balance.Tracks perfectly and has Teflon tape on it front and rear.Rubber butt pad installed.
Rifle action is glued in to the stock!

.270 neck chamber,cut tight for Lapua brass.Krieger stainless 28.5",8 twist,varmint contour "I think".
Chambered by Bob himself.
Approx 450 rounds fired.Used little and you can expect another 2000 or so of usable barrel life.Barrel was carefully cleaned often with a soaking method with patches only and only from the breach to muzzle using Boretech.

Kelby 30mm hex cut aluminum 4 screw rings and 25 minute base included with rifle.

I'm keeping the 6x47L dies for my other rifle.
I will provide 100 brass that were fireformed to this chamber and used in this gun.

Rifle weighs 15.5 lbs.

Asking $1900 shipped.

Here's my very first 5 shot group through the rifle with 105 berger vld's at 100Y.Wouldn't you know it the 6th went out.A crappy bench was used when I shot these. also.

108 Eubers
Can you tell I was shooting off the ground?
Rifle pics

Sorry for the poor pics