Review of NTO Shooting School 7/28-7/30


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Aug 25, 2014
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I just returned from a 3-day shooting school led by Non-Typical Outfitters in the southern portion of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. This was an amazing experience to share with my brother, with real-world shooting scenarios for hunters, taught by instructors trusted by some of our most elite military warriors. From the camp, to the food, to the shooting venues, to the camaraderie of like-minded individuals, to the instruction……it was all top notch and I am 100% confident that I now have the tools and confidence in my equipment to harvest a giant mule deer or elk if/when an opportunity arises.

Rob Wiley and Jacob led the instruction, with Courtney feeding us like kings. The camp was very comfortable with wall tents, a kitchen and mess hall tent, hot water shower trailer, and outhouse. Camp also included 16 horses and the sweetest camp dog - Fancy. Food was served family style and was very delicious…..3-meals daily.

Camp was at 8,900 ft in the gorgeous mountains of Western Wyoming, essentially at one of Rob's hunting camps. With all the metal gongs/targets spread-out over 4-5 miles of rough country, you could tell Rob and team spent weeks (not days) preparing for this class (and the ones following ours).

After validating our rifles with targets at 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 1,000 yrds during the first half of Day 1, we quickly moved station to station learning many different techniques and building confidence in our ability and equipment. The focus was on shooting techniques for the western hunter, everything from surprising an animal and confidently taking a quick shot, to finding the proper rest to ethically take an extended length shot. I essentially found the techniques/positions that were comfortable, and the new uncomfortable positions that proved I needed a lot of practice.

My 7mm Sherman Max proved to do everything I asked of it…..and it out shoot my ability. I shot lights out in my comfort positions, but proved human when outside my comfort zone in certain positions that took above-average flexibility (ie - although athletic in good shape, I can't sit Indian style… not the flexibility). I learned to embraced the uncomfortable and have some great take-awwys to continue working on.

On Day 3, I went 3 for 4 on the 1,280 yrd target (missed first shot, but successfully made the adjustment needed to finish strong), then recorded the second best time on the final, real-world hunting scenario where I had to shoot an elk (in vitals) up a hill at 175 yrds, then another one at 350 yrds (and the bonus was riding a horse ~ 4 miles to this venue). I went 2 for 2 here and the 350 yrd target was at a steep, elevated angle, requiring a seated shoot with sticks and backpack as a rest. Other timed scenarios included shooting two metal wolves (200 and 350 yrds) before shooting a deer across a deep canyon at 650 yrds. We also shot bear targets at 500 yrds down into a valley, and a beaded deer under a tree at 700 yrds…..again, very thoughtful and applicable targets.

Canyons, wind, angles, partially exposed targets, good/bad rests, small (time) windows, moving targets vs still targets…..We repeatedly drilled most real world hunting scenarios. I went through 125 rounds, and again, left a better shooter, more prepared to harvest a monster bull or elk if/when that opportunity arises.

I highly recommend this Shooting School for hunters of all levels…..50% of the class was repeat clients, which speaks for itself. With the long waits required to draw western, non-res tags combined with the rising costs, the last thing you want to do is be ill prepared to harvest that buck or bull of a lifetime. This course will better prepare you…..period!

This was my honest review and I paid full price and have no affiliation.

Attached are some pictures of my brother and I:
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