SOLD/EXPIRED Retumbo, H1000, GM215M, and 215's for sale.


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Jul 27, 2010
I've got about 7lbs of Retumbo, 1lbs H1000, 1000 Federal Gold Medal Match Primers (GM215M), and 780 Federal Large Magnum Rifle 215's for sale. I'd like 190 OBO, that is below what Powder Valley charges which is where this stuff came from. I no longer have a magnum or anything that can use this stuff, so it needs a new home.

I'm in Southwest Oklahoma and would prefer to do face to face, but shipping wouldn't be out of the question as long as the buyer pays for it. Thanks.
Cant wait to get it... :) Thanks again, and thats for just picking up the phone and calling sometimes it is better to just talk to somebody, if you know what I mean.