Researchers Find Forever Chemicals in Wildlife near Holloman AFB, NM

If you break an asbestos shingle...don't let anyone know......

I think what saved me from covid was work related.....reframing an old spray booth in an old warehouse...where the asbestos "had been removed"........well I was removing an old spray booth sheet metal duct and all the crapola that 'was inside' flipped up and I had to have enhaled most of it......I gagged for 6 months...finally figured I better get I bet I enhaled enough asbestos into my lungs to keep covid at bay.....they say 40 years for asbestos to get you.......ha...I don't have another 40 I beat covid....
Watched a video just a few days ago that said Parkinson, dementia and similar neurological disorders do not exist in the wild to the degree they do in the human population, but, I saw it online, who knows how factual it was
Awhile back it was almost impossible to study Parkinson's because of the long time it takes to develop. Then a patient came along with instant late stage Parkinson's after getting a bad batch of heroin. The culprit was a chemical called MPTP. Turns out pesticides paraquat and rotenone are isomers of MPTP and can cause Parkinson's in a matter of days. Pesticides are mainly composed of neurotoxins and even 'organic' ones, along with essential oils such as tea tree oil and additives to cosmetic lotions and shampoos can damage neurons. You can add glyphosate (roundup) weed killer to the list as well.
You will never hear about this because big pharma makes big $$$ selling L-dopa to replace the dopamine no longer produced by damaged neurons. It works for a few years until the brain develops tolerance to it. Then Parkinson's patients develop incredible amounts of pain due to constant muscle contractions - think lifting weights at the gym 24/7. Then the pain must be managed by ever increasing doses of morphine (more $$$). The patient finally dies from being unable to control muscles for swallowing and etc.
Glyphosate (Roundup) has also been associated with Parkinson's, along with H2O2 (think dry cleaning).
So the idea is to eat organic and avoid essential oils.
Here's a scientific article about the initial study of MPTP and pesticides:
MPTP, Pesticides and Parkinson's