Required introduction.


Aug 16, 2019
Hello Gents & Ladies,
I’m simply here to read & learn. I’ve never hand loaded in my entire life. When I was into “Powder Burners” it was Varmint rifles. .Savage 112 .22-250, .220 Swift, a Custom Rem 700 w/HART .223 BB. Daddy’s .30-30, .25-06 & .30-06
I now am way more interested in legally shooting on my own 100 yard range & neighbors field to 600 yards. With airguns. Yes, I wrote airguns. I’m here to learn all I can about barrels, casting, info that crosses over. I know it’s a LRH forum & I can legally hunt with these Pre Charged Pneumatic rifles.
316 yards is furthest I’ve tried & hit with .25 31.9 RBT Rat Snipers @ 940fps from a Russian EDgun Supermagnum #234.
The hot rodded .257 in my avatar picture has a $700 36” chromed Bartlein & fully milled receiver. Easily capable of Varmints to 400 as is. Add a 300-600moa riser or Ivey mount and friends like Doug Noble who built that exact gun win every competition he enters. Carl Matt’s set the still current 1108 yard record with his .257. He’s a F-Class shooter but plays with PCP’s for more trigger time & learning to read wind with BC’s of anything from 0.0456 for a JSB .25 King to .212 with a 95 grain .257. To say air guns are disadvantaged is an understatement.
Cheap to shoot. More trigger time. No range. Factory quiet. Power anywhere from 6ftlbs to now sadly 1500ftlbs.
We traditionalist air gunners are more like Archery hunters. Stealth & shot placement. I love hydrostatic shock as much as the next guy but no need to push air guns to where they possibly could get Federally regulated.
Well, that’s me. I’m not gonna be posting much at all. Just learning your search function, archives, and if I propose any question it’ll be directly related to any physics or basics.
God Bless & shoot straight.


Nov 25, 2008
Welcome aboard. I’ve been learning from these guys for a long time since 2008.

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