Remington Premier Expander Slugs

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    Aug 25, 2013
    I love the Accutips in 3", very accurate but Barnes are known for accuracy and deadly on game.. So I wanted to try the new Remington Premier Expander with the Barnes 3"..Well I can say they are just as accurate as the Accutips in 3"

    savage-220-remington.thumb.jpg.bf4baee081040beeeac0d67dc665c945.jpg remington-1187-20ga.thumb.jpg.36a111656c3e6353dc314ef25679dd25.jpg
  2. DartonJager

    DartonJager Well-Known Member

    Apr 1, 2016
    I enjoyed identical performance from Remington Premiere Core-Loct Ultra Bonded slugs when they first came out all my 100 yard groups were under 2" most under 1.5" when shot out of either my 12ga A-Bolt or my Marlin 512. Then they rapidly went from IIRC $10-$12 a box of 5 to over $14. Thats when I switched to the sadly discontinued Federal/Barnes Tipped Expanders and they gave near identical accuracy and utterly devastating on game performance.

    Killed my best buck ever firearm using the Federal/Barnes a beautiful high and wide 8 pointer that also was by far my largest bodied deer I ever saw let alone shot. Gutted he weighed over 300lbs. One shot double lunged him. Hit his last rib on his right side, went through both lungs, broke his left shoulder and ended up just under the hide. Text book perfect Barne's mushroom typical of the all copper tipped expander. Weighed the recovered slug and it retained over 98% of its original 300 grain weight.

    Have to say if I were going to buy another slug gun without doubt the only one I would even consider buying would be the 20ga Savage 220. Seen more than a few being shot at the range and EVERY one I saw was a real shooter. Have to admit never seen any 12ga match the 220's level of rifle to rifle CONSISTENT accuracy.
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    Nov 29, 2017
    Looks great cant wait to try them in my 220
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