Remington Model 7 Compact CDL .300 WSM w/ Leupold scope


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Jun 8, 2017
I am selling my Remington Model Seven Compact .300 WSM with Leupold bases & rings and a Leupold VXII 3-9x40 scope. Gun is used but in really good shape. Has not been shot much. It has around 100 rounds through it. Gun is very accurate.

These guns are pretty hard to find and not many magnums made. Would also make a great 6.5 re-barrel if you wanted too as well.

Asking $1350.00 for the package shipped!

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I have had it for quite some time, and to be honest I never seen another one in .300 WSM. I always seen them in the .300 SAUM or 7 saum, since Winchester was Remington's competitor in the short mags with their saum line up. It is 100% factory and the LOP is standard 13.5". I probably should see how many there actually were made. Maybe a collector.
I’m no Remmy expert but I think the 13 3/8” was the standard stock, 12.5” being the youth stock. The WSM was a shorter run but they did also produce them for Whitetails Unlimited as a “Rifle if the year” I have only seen 1 of the 1/40 Missouri rifles, I believe it was 2012 for Missouri. They were laserengraved with a WU logo and the State Logo and for MO they were in 300 WSM. Sure would like to find a Missouri one but following your rifle none the less. B4DE2725-3ABA-4E54-A2A1-0F8D14738E70.jpeg
GLWS, looks beautiful and kicking myself
I don’t have the cash to send you today!
Assume you don't have original box and paperwork since you didn't mention them but please confirm. Thanks

PM sent too
Thank you! It is really accurate. Only reason am selling is to fund another
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