leupold scope

  1. K

    Scope Problem

    I picked up a new Henry Long Ranger in 6.5 CRD. I mounted a new Leopold Tactical 3-9. Its is not the Firedot model, but the one under that. I mounted the scope with Burris medium rings with the supplied Skinner bases that came with the my LR model. At the range I confirmed the scope was...
  2. SavageHunter11

    Any experience with Leupold VX-3i LRP line?

    Title kind of says it all but to elaborate further. I am building a mountain rifle around 8 to 8.5lbs in 280A.I. for an all around hunting rifle (antelope to elk). Originally I didn't think I would find a FFP scope that would be light enough to consider and decided to go with a Nightforce 3-10...
  3. S

    Leupold VX-6HD 4-24X56 - $1,565

    I ordered two scopes at the same time because I could not decide... The Leupold was mounted on a rifle for two days, I ended up going with a Kahles instead. The glass is obviously perfect, there is not even any dust on the glass. There are some very faint ring marks which are pictured, no other...
  4. R

    Custom built 338win mag REDUCED

    MARKED DOWN TO 3,000 FOR IMMEDIATE SALE ! Stiller predator action PB22248 stainless barrel GR douglas 338 winmag. 26" with mated muzzle brake Bell & Carlon Stock Jewel Trigger set 4.2oz Bottom Metal is high-end and matching 3 round mag. Leupold scope with dials on both adjusting vertical and...
  5. MTSLW

    Leupold 50% off any item. $400 OBO

    Good for any item at retail price. Anyone looking for a VX6HD or a MK5 this will save you some money! It’s through the Leupold custom shop.