SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 parts


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Jul 24, 2012
I recently did a lot of gunsmith work on a bunch of remington 700 actions I had, I bascially just used the actions so now I have a lot of gun parts left over. I will ship or can meet. Not looking for any trades right now. Will take best offer on any of the parts. If you need pictures or have questions please email me at [email protected] .. thanks


Rem 700 SPS ADL Short Action

Rem 700 BDL Long Action

Rem Mod 7 Short Action plus bottom metal for the Model 7


All Remington 700's in:

300WSM (Stainless)

7mm (Stainless)

25-06 (chrome moly w iron sights)

22-250 (chrome moly w iron sights)

Remington Model 7 .243 (chrome moly w iron sights)

Custom 6.5x284 stainless varmint contour

Trigger: Remington Model 700 BDL trigger with safety and bolt release

Action: Remington Model 700 Short Action large bolt face off a 6.5x284. I will sell the trigger with it. The action has been trued and the trigger adjusted down by a gunsmith.
is the 6.5 X284 barrel stainless steel or chrome Molly? Is it factory or aftermarket?

it is stainless. it is an after market barrel bought and put on for a custom 700 build. i do not know the maker tho that is why i am offering for cheap. i contacted the gentleman i bought it from to get the maker and details of the barrel. it has been trued and set for rem 700 action in 6.5x284.
you probably wouldn't have a clue how many rounds? What is the length and the twist?

I contacted the owner but haven't heard back yet. Idk the twist but I can go measure it when I get back in town