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SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 custom in 8mm-06, Douglas/extras


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Sep 8, 2009
Semi catch and release on a custom gun I picked up a while back (have had some work done and added some things to original listing ). My gun elk hunt this fall has changed to archery, so up for sale is my dedicated elk rifle. Remington 700 custom in 8mm-06, Douglas 23.5" stainless barrel with 1 in 10 twist, glass bedded factory Remington ADL stock and super cell pad, factory tuned trigger, LRI spiral fluted bolt, Dura coated metal, 6 lb 15.5 oz weight, RCBS dies, 50 sized cases, around 70-80 pcs of Nosler 200 gr accubonds, lots of load data. I'm the 2nd owner, 1st owner (24 HR member) fired it less than 60 rounds and less than 20 for me. His best results were with RL-16 and 200 grn Nos ABs (around 1/2" groups, but I could not find any RL-16 for testing). Would make someone a great lightweight elk/bear rifle. $825 for rifle/dies/brass/bullets and local pickup (SW Missouri, shipping from FFL to FFL if buyer covers cost). Cross listed.
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