Remington 5r 300wm

Mach 1

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Jan 11, 2018
3B9BB00E-A3BB-43C4-8149-39FDBE275F37.jpeg AAAA516B-8701-4ABB-BEC9-DAB4FA6470EE.jpeg 2E588CBC-E689-4E2A-9A74-0B33E79A1289.jpeg AB9406EB-9CD4-4BD1-80F4-7E2BAFDEF222.jpeg I’m going to sell my Remington 700 5R chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum. It has the 24 inch threaded barrel. It comes with a $90 Jp muzzle break. I’m guessing it has 600 to 650 rounds through the barrel. It shoots great. I have had it on Three elk hunts and have shot it in our local range, production Gun, benchrest competition. If interested in load data I have 200 grain SMK, H1000 data that shoots very well. The butt pad has a little bit of damage that can be seen in pictures from an elk hunt. Other than that it is in good shape. Asking $750 shipped. Scope base and bipod does not come with it unless a deal is made. Thanks