300wm 5R Remington 700

Mach 1

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Jan 11, 2018
I'm going to sell my Remington 700 5R in 300wm. Its the 24 inch threaded barrel model. Its a very accurate production rifle. It comes with a jp muzzle break and the origional trigger. I had a jewel in it but had it removed and the origional unused trigger put back in. I have good load data using 200smk bullets and h1000 powder. The only part of the gun not in good shape is the buttstock pad that received a little damage on a Colorado elk hunt. Its not bad but is visible. Im not positive on round count but id say its around 650. The only reason for selling it is I just had a custom rifle put together and need the funds. If I can get the pics loaded the badger base and bypod in the pics do not come with the rifle unless a deal is made. Im asking 850 and im open to offers but not trades, thanks IMG_7183.JPG IMG_7185.JPG IMG_7184.JPG IMG_7182.JPG IMG_7181.JPG