SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 308 & 30-06 ..pix's

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    Jan 10, 2012
    Prefer here in Nebr., but will send on your dime...

    Here is a slide show of 2 Remington, center fire rifles I want to sell. One is a 750/308/semi-auto the other is a 7600/30-06/pump.

    ---750/308/semi-auto @ $600, 3 new mags

    ---7600/30-06/pump @ $550, 5-mags

    Of course you can always go buy one of these at Cabela's, Scheel's or Dick's....and I know the prices you will pay........

    Sit back, eat your pop-corn
    please turn off your cell phones
    no whispering: OOO'S AND AHHHH'S acceptable

    Remington 308 and 30 06 Photos by thissignupishorrible | Photobucket
    WILL CONSIDER TRADES, and my interest is in firearms is for: .22's...357's...44mag's...308's... My heart skips a-beat if it's stainless....