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SOLD/EXPIRED Rem. Sendero II .300 RUM w/ DE Brake and Access.


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Feb 12, 2007
Northern CO
This rifle started life as a Sendero II (stainless/fluted with the black flutes). I swapped the stock out for an old style Sendero stock and had is skim-bedded. I added a Defensive Edge brake and made a custom kydex cheek piece for the stock. Stock is camo painted and looks good... though it could use a little touch-up. Rifle has the old style Rem trigger adjusted to a nice crisp 3#s and shoots under MOA out to 1000 yards. I have killed a couple of bears and a few coyotes between 500 and 750 yards with this gun... and the excellent DE brake allows you to see impact. It shoots the 208 A-Max at 3100 with 93 grains of Retumbo loaded .005 into the lands (will not fit in magazine) and will consistently hit milk jugs at 1/2 mile.

I'll include the following with the rifle:
RCBS Neck sizing die
Redding 2-die set
50 rounds unfired Rem Brass
another 50+ rounds of 2-3 times fired brass
1/2 box of the following bullets: 208 A-Max, 200 Accubond, 240 Sierra Match King

For pics send me a PM and I'll shoot them out using email

I'll take $1200 for the package (offers)... and I'll throw in a 20X Super Sniper for another $200
Here's a few pics... I'll also send them out to those who requested them in email.

The round count is just under 300... the Super Sniper has been sold seperately at this point.

First $1150 takes the rifle and all the stuff.




could you please tell me what the weight is? and how bulky is the old style stock? thank you
could you please tell me what the weight is? and how bulky is the old style stock? thank you

Last month I had the rifle set up with a Leupold 4.5-14x40 (1" tube) in a set of Talleys... and it weighed 10lbs 2oz. That's actually pretty light for how potent a rifle it is.

The old style Sendero stock is far less bulky than the new one. It's basically a sporter stock from the action back, with a small beavertail forend. The profile is the same as the 700 VS or the laminated VLS stock from Remington. There is no squared off forend or large palm-swell like on the new Sendero stock. I find it a much better hunting style stock than the new version... that's why I put it on this rifle.
What kind of recoil does this have, dont mind the overkill but dont want to destroy the shoulder. I have personally never shot an ultra mag but just about everyone I talk to say it is not a pleasant experience after a couple rounds.
With the brake it's about like a .25-06... my 120lb wife shoots it all the time, and she doesn't hanclle a 7mm Rem too well.

This week I'll drop it down to $1000. After that I'll pull it apart and part it out, I got a 7 WSM that needs built.
Yep... still for sale. Lots of guys kicking tires... no one comitted yet.

Can't believe it's still here. A straight-up, turn-key, just add glass, 1000 yard killer with all the goodies for a grand... where else you gonna get that?

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