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SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 ltr w/leupold and lots acc. 300saum


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Feb 14, 2008
So what I have here is my trusty 700 ltr in 300 saum (short action ultra mag). this rifle has the factory 20" 10 twist barrel on it with just over 500 rds through it and a muzzle brake attached. the rifle has a factory tuned trigger at 2#'s, it is bedded into the hs precision stock, egw 20moa base, badger bolt knob installed. this rifle normally shoots right around 1/2moa with 168 amaxs. I have shot this rifle out to 1200yards and it was still shooting well at that distance, I didn't have a target board but I would say it was shooting right around 1moa at that range.
I have a set of competition redding neck bushing dies for it with both micrometer sizer and seater, this is their top of the line set.
I also have just over 300rds of brass mostly remington but some nosler, about 150rds of it are primed with cci and never fired.
I also have 200 168 amaxs bullets that will be included also, all you will need is 55.5grain of varget per casing and you are ready to go.
if you buy this weekend i will load 100 up for you so will be ready to rock.
I have a leupold vx III 3.5x10x40 duplex 1" tube scope with M1 target turrets available for sale with it.

rifle with 3.5x10 wieghs just under 9.5pounds with stock pack and bipod

rifle w/acc $1100
leupold 3.5x10 w/warne rings $425
leupold 4.5x14x50 ill. m1 mildot w/badger rings $1050
I am open to trades mostly would prefer cash, most interested in trading for quality optics.
by the way the pic has a mark 4 4.5x14x50 ill. m1 mildot on it that is available seperate but is my buddies
pics (scope/rings not included but for sale seperately.)bipood, sling, rear bag,stock pack not included but available to buyer only for a reasonable price.





rifle traded to yote buster both scopes are still available though.

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