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Rem 700 LA Stock


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Oct 13, 2011
Looking for a rem 700 long action stock- sporter contour, composite stock, something that is weighing in around 2.5 lbs or less. Thinking along the lines of a Grayboe Outlander, Stocky's Long Range Hunter (fiberglass), Stocky's VG2 (fiberglass), Stocky's M50. I'm really wanting a finish with something other than the web design. Let me know if you have something you are wanting to get rid of. Thanks
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I have an unused Grayboe Outlander, brown with black spiderweb I will let go for 225.00 shipped. I went with a different stock and never used this one.
Thanks for reaching out with what you guys have. I'm sure I will kick myself for not picking up one of these, but I'm gonna see if any without web come up. Not a huge fan of that paint scheme.
That ridgeline stock is a hell of a deal and checks all your criteria. Easy to repaint.
I have thought about painting but durability is my issue, the diy paint jobs from what I have seen just don't seem as durable and long lasting as what they come with
Best DIY are oven epoxys or Brownells alumahyde... if prepped and applied well it's super tough. Just takes forever (literally a month+) to reach full hardness. Good luck in your search!
Still searching- updated post to be a little more specific on finish
I have a bell and Carlson medalist sporter. It's just plain black. It was bedded for a 700 with factory recoil lug. PM me if interested

It does have a few scratches from a fall down a scree slope.