SOLD/EXPIRED Rem. 700 BDL 300 ultra Krieger Barrel


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Sep 26, 2008
***SOLD***Rem. 700 BDL 300 ultra Krieger Barrel

I have for sale a Remington 700 BDL 300 ultra mag with a blue engraved reciever.
The barrel is a Stainless Steel Krieger 27in. fluted with a 1-10 twist it was put on by Krieger and the contour is a #5 about the same as a Sendero and I had an over size lug put on it. The stock is an olive green Bell and Carlson Metalist and I sent it back to them and had the Max Guard put on it that is a clear rubber coating. The bolt is also fluted. This gun will shoot 1/2 in groups with anything that I have shot. It has had less than 100 rounds down the barrel. I will be glade to give all the reloading info. to whoever buys it and I will back it up 100%. The 300 ultra mag is just to much gun for the animals I hunt. I cant post pictures yet so if you are interested I will send you all you want.>>>>1100.00+ shipping
Thanks Ted
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