SOLD/EXPIRED Reloading Equipment Sell Out


Dec 28, 2009
I'm spending more time on the farm and don't have time to reload anymore. Please contact me if your interested in any of the items below; many of the items are new and all have been cared for. I can email pictures of any item as well. Add shipping from Oregon to you for the prices shown. Thank you.
[email protected]

1) Lee auto prime in box w/instructions, tray & punches for small & large primer, includes 11 shell holder set, $30.00
2) Forster 22-250 full length sizing die, NIB, $25
3) Forster 22-250 next sizing die, NIB, $25
4) Forster 22-250 ultra bullet seater, NIB, $45
5) RCBS case mouth deburring tool, $10
6) Lee 22-250 full length sizing die, $10
7) Lee 22-250 bullet seater, $8
8) MTM die storage box, 12 die capacity, $10
9) Redding BR30 powder measure w/extra powder tube & baffle, $150
10) Redding RS-6 bench stand for BR30, $12
11) Stoney Point OAL gauge, NIB w/instructions, include 22-250 case, $25
12) Forster Go/Nogo headspace gauge for 25-06/270/30-06, $10
13) 37 DataMax Twin 3" targets, $5
14) 50 Sinclair flourescent sight-in targets, $5

[email protected]
12) Forster Go/Nogo headspace gauge for 25-06/270/30-06, $10

I'll take these head space guages. Please PM me payment instructions. Thank you kindly sir.

I just sent a PM, please let me know if you received it.