Red pad Ruger #1B 300 Win Mag


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
Recently ended up with a Ruger #1B red pad in 300 Win Mag in a big trade deal that I have no use for.

It is used and has some scratches and a couple small flaked spots on the stock but overall in VGC.

26" Barrel was dirty and I cleaned it and bore is good for sure.

1" med ruger rings

Bought some winchester 180s and took it to the range to check it out. Quick zero at 200 and was shooting a 3.5" at 300 yards with an old nikon 3-9 with ballistic circles so it will shoot. Just confirmed again with my shoulders and neck operations, I can no longer shoot magnums either. It has to go.

$900 shipped and Insured. Heck I might throw in 200 large rifle magnum primers, I do not use anymore to the buyer.

Only trade might be for 280AI. I could add some # for right rifle


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