Recommend gunsmith for Winchester build


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Aug 16, 2006
Hey all,
Just picked up a used Winchester Model 70 LA in 30-06 for dirt cheap...Noww I want to see what i can have built for a LR lightweight rifle..Caliber is undecided..So wanting to find a good smith to talk to and need suggestions as to whom is taking on new builds..
I don't know what your time frame is but any of this sites sponsoring smiths would be a great choice and I don't think there's anyone here that would disagree. I have Kevin Cram (Montour County Rifles) doing a build for me right now on a Winchester Model 70 Action. Kevin is also a site sponsor.
Great will give him a call and see what he can do..Time is not that improtant right now..

I know he just moved so he may not have his phone and all hooked back up yet. I know he checks his PMs here so I'm send him a PM also.
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