Range Card Information


Oct 30, 2014
Long time stalker of this forum, just haven't posted much. I have a question and I feel really stupid even typing this out. I cannot decide if I just all of a sudden don't get it or i am missing something.

Using Ballistic AE, I have the following:
300WSM shooting a 210 Berget VLD at 2,790fps. I have always used the HUD. I have all my load data in the app and haven't ever really noticed a problem; however, I looked at the range card today for some reason and my head exploded.

.1mrad = .36"
1 MIL = 3.6"
@325yds - range card shows:
Drop (in) 14.23
Drop (.1mrad) -12.17

Drop (.1mrad) should represent my clicks on the turret, but that doesn't coincide with the other.
12 clicks = 1.2mil = 4.38" not 14"

Would appreciate someone pointing out the obvious here that I apparently cannot seem to figure out. Any explanation is acceptable, even the one where someone tells me to find a new hobby.
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