Question on Navy sniper ammo


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Apr 17, 2008
I've been told That some Navy snipers us the 300 WIN MAG. Does anyone know the ballistics on such ammo. I've been told it's very accurate stuff.
A lot of info can be found here A-191 Cartridge Development - Press release

Does not give the charge of Re-22 but if memory serves it is around 72 gr (work up to this) with a 190 gr Sierra. The navy is stretching the 300 WIN MAG out to 1500 now using the 220 gr Sierra as a less costly change than going to the 338 Lapua.

I've not done enough research on the propellant to even give an educated guess.

Several years ago I shot a 500 yard Match with a guy shooting the Black Hills version of the A191 and it shot very well at 500 yards.

Hope this helps.

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