Question for you Dave K


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Sep 26, 2001
North, Texas
If I remember right one rifle you had "THE THING" was built by Tac-Ord what action was that built on? I know that you also have one built on a CZ action what base(s) and ring setup did you choose? Just for FYI there is a gentleman out of WA state that makes a box mag for the CZ that allows 1 or 2 extra rounds in that action.
All the Tac-Ord rifles were on Remington actions... the 338 RUM (The Thing) was an un-braked 28 inch barreled monster. It held 3 rounds in the mag well I believe.

The CZ-550 Safari Magnum was built (338 Lapua) by G-A Precision... it holds 4 or 5 rounds in the mag well, using the Baker Special stock I believe. The rings are a beefed up set of CZ (George Gardner replaced screws with beefier and better grade I guess). No problems with the CZ rings with the upgrade but still no taper I believe.
This latest one... the CZ.. to over 3100 with the 300's but the accuracy drops off after 2900 with the setup I'm trying. I'm happy with 2850 as it kicks pretty hard (literally gives me a headache to work up loads). Some day I'll work on getting a different OAL and powder and go for faster (when I get more Motrin).
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