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If somebody has already asked this question then I appologize for the redundancy.
S1 I was just curious what your first shot maximum personal range is? I think you are more of an authority on this than most. And most people here are more of the spotter first shot camp.I really have no idea what is realistic for somebody who knows what they are doing.I think my limit is probably about 500 yards in good conditions.But I don't know that much about wind and mirage and such.Thanks.
I watched S1 scare the daylights out of a crow at 1080 yards this afternoon (he missed by approximately 6 inches) on a cold-bore (and I do mean cold) first shot. The temp was 27 degrees and the wind was full value 20-30 mph switching like crazy and gusting violently.

He tells me I knocked feathers off one at 600 in the same conditions (I think he was merely being gracious!).

Anyhow, no sighters were fired, only wind calls and cold bore shots... And any of these shots would've absolutely HOSED any big game animal you'd care to mention in horrific conditions...

I can say that with the right system (equipment and process) and much practice in the wind, you can make cold bore first shots at ranges far exceeding your 500 yard limit.

Good luck!
All of those situations are way beyond my ability. about recomending a few books to read so I can start learning about judging conditions. I understand books don't do much compared to actual experience, but I don't fully understand the terminology. I have to start somewhere.
And what form of competition would give me the most productive experience in the shortest amount of time.
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In your experience with wind what would a wind from 6, target at 12 say 10mph at 1000 meters how would this effect a 308 win? Or say wind 12, target 6 scenario same wind and distance?
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That is what I was thinking but wanted to be sure. I ran the 338 300g at 3150 fps with the wind from 9:00 at 10 mph I get 4.0 moa left for windage and -17.4 of drop with the wind at 9:00, to convert to 10:30, wind would it take 2.0 moa left for windage and -17.7 of drop? Is this close or did I just miss my target? at 1000 yards
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The 17.4 is MOA I got this off of one of my drop charts that I use for my 338 Yogi sorry for the confusion.
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I am using a 100 yard 0 and the elevation is 900' above sea level 50F degrees the bullet is traveling at 3150 FPS with a BC of .796 target is at 1000 yards wind is 10:30 and steady 10 MPH.

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Have you guys read the "Wind Probe" article in Dec. Precision Shooting on crosswind components and using a wind component chart?

In this chart the 10 mph at 10:30 wind component is 7.5 mph not 5 mph as most believe. Gene Beggs contention is the crosswind component has a quicker change in the 10:30 to 12:00 o'clock range than the same range at 9:00 to 10:30 does.

The CWC at 10 o'clock is 8.6 mph vs an 11 o'clocks 5 mph value.

In other words a +- 30 degree angle wind change that is comming from 9 or 3 o'clock than 12 or 6 o'clock has little effect but a +- 30 degree angle change at 6 or 12 o'clock is huge and also is switching to top that off.

A 1.3 mph vs. a 10 mph change!
Much easier to group well in direction changes that are happening closer to 3 or 9 than 6 or 12 for sure.

I'll post a pic of the chart after I scan it in. One could convert the angle into a multiple to get the true full value wind one should correct for in the field for quick use too.
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