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Dec 1, 2009
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Before I send in for the Wyoming antelope draw could someone tell me how the different choices are picked.

Do they go though everyone's 1st choice before going to 2nd choice or

When they pick yours do they go through all 3 choices then before going to the next person.

I guess what i'm saying is could someone's third choice be picked before my first choice is looked at.
For non-residents, as it has been explained to me it is my belief that ;

The preference point drawing is conducted first.......all first choice w/max points draw first...draw is continued until "PP"quota is filled...based on points.....Any first choice that is not drawn in the preference point drawing becomes a first choice again in the random drawing....All choices not drawn in the "PP" drawing are transferred to the random draw with the remaining quota.

The quota in the preference point drawing does not include 10% of the total (non-resident) quota which automatically goes into the random draw.

The random draw is compiled of 10% of the total quota plus any remainders from the preference point drawing....Again all first choices are drawn first....That is why you actually have two chances on your first choice; one with preference points and one in the random draw if you do not draw (although your odds are greatly diminished)....

Answer to your question: All first choice tags are drawn first in each draw, but the preference point drawing precedes the random draw.....

This is the way that I understand it...Correct me if I am wrong...Hope this helps..
thanks, that's how i thought it worked, but it's been several years since i've put in for a draw in Wyoming and they didn't have preference point system then.
What area where you planning on for your first choice? Some area have a lot of private land and the drawing odd are 100%. Example area 42 and 43. Then some areas have easy access to public land and drawing odds are lower. Example 46 and 47. The 100% areas are good areas but access is a pain!!!
Probably 72 as it looks right now. Looking at 32, 70, 71, 46, 48, 52. As you can tell, I don't have much of a clue........ Most of those are area's i've at least been in.
In my error I stated 10% goes to the random draw....See my post in

Actually there are 4 non-resident draws when you include the NR Special draw (you actually pay almost double for the tag).....

40% of all available NR tags go to the special draw.....75% of those tags go to the special non-resident preference point draw and 25% to the NR special random draw.

The remaining 60% of total available NR tags are divided likewise....75% to the non-resident preference point draw and 25% to the NR random draw.....

That means actually 15% of all available tags go into the NR random draw...

Sorry if I confused anybody....The G&F makes it really hard to understand sometimes....

Good luck in the draw,
Before they started the Pref Points on antelope, the drawing odds were pretty plain and simple. I person could look back a couple years and see an actual % success in the draw.

They are quite confusing the way it's displayed now. They're gonna do it however they do it, but it sure would be nice to be able to look at a glance and see a % success for given area. That way you'd all know if it's worth doing the pref point or special for that area. No point in an area that's always been 100% in the random.
I couldn't agree with you more SBruce......Maybe you could answer me a couple of questions for me.....

1. I have a couple of points accumulated....If I can talk one of my son's into hunting with me again this year, we would apply as a party....He has no points but would my two points be divided so in reality we would be considered as having one point each, for the sake of the draw?.......

2. If my son decides not to apply with me and I apply alone can I use only one of my two points in the drawing?......The area I am interested in probably will draw with only one point and I hate to waste them where I don't need to.......

The answers are probably in the regulations somewhere but downloading them literally takes hours on my slow dial-up connection...

From My understanding and correct me if I am wrong.

1. They will take the average of you and your sons point for that one certain area.
2. You will not loose you points if you draw your second choice. If you draw your first choice you will loose your points. But I also have heard if you put in for a second choice sometimes it will draw that area before all of your chances are up on your first choice.

Correct me if I am wrong.
TSO is probably correct. Seems I did read somewhere that Preference Points only apply toward 1st choice area.

I am probably the wrong person to ask though, because it all confuses the $^!* out of me!

I am looking at 2008 Area 6 right now...........I know people that didn't draw, but there were leftover tags available?? When I look at the drawing odds for that area and that year, nothing adds up.
I don't understand how someone can not draw their first choice when there were leftover tags.

Sorry, I am not much help on this one. May have to call the G&F for the more specific answers about the PP's.
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It has been my belief after looking at the numbers that leftover tags are the combined leftover of all draws, including NR, NR special & resident....That is why a person who does not draw in their lottery can still get a leftover tag after all draws are complete....It appears that a lot of the non-resident special tags are always leftover..........That is the only way it made sense to me anyway.....

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