Wyoming draw and area questions.


Jul 1, 2008
I've been reading everything I can. I think I'm going to put in for my full price antelope with #30 first choice then #13 and #7 so that I get a license in the drawing. Then in July buy a regional deer and the reduced price antelope that corresponds to the area I draw.

Any thoughts on those areas? Deer or antelope? Better suggestions?
Are you a resident or non resident? and what part of the state is area 30? I dont have any regs handy other wise i would get up and look. I live in wyoming and hunt antelope all over let me know if i can be of assistance
I drew A30 with no points in 2008...I also got lucky and drew an HMA in that unit to hunt in the HMA draw....I did however see antelope in some of the limited BLM land that is accessible there...so I feel that if you do your homework...You can find some good hunting in A30....My son and I also managed to score on a couple of decent mule deer but again finding a spot to hunt on public land was sort of a challenge.....We scored on the antelope on the Oct 10 opener so we had a few days to scout before the deer opener on Oct 15.......

I did research A7 and Deer B in 2007.....Got lucky drawing A27...scored a couple of nice lope and one nice 3x3 but hunting pressure during the 5 day deer season in Deer 167 was high...lots of public land means even more hunters.....A7 however does have a fair amount of public land and plenty of lopes so I feel it would be a good choice......at least for the antelope....
Last fall (2009) we split our antelope and deer to two different areas A21 and deer J.....again plenty of lopes and public land....but deer hunter pressure followed the availability of public land....We did score on two nice antelope bucks and one very nice 5x5 but finding another mature buck ran us out of time and we ate one tag...

I couldn't find A13 on my maps so I won't comment on that area.....But when you apply, apply for a hard to get tag first even a coveted tag that requires many points...because 10% of the tags go to the random draw and you have a chance to draw them even without any points (that is how I got lucky and drew my A27 tag......

I have not decided where I will hunt in WY this year but it seems that any where you go out there that you won't be disappointed.....

If you have any more questions I will be glad to help if I can.
Good luck on your draw,
Basicly you only have to draw for goat tags in areas west of I25 and along the eastern border.....7, 20, 21 22, 23, 24, 26, 29, 30 and 31 usuaully have tags left over.
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