Problems with HSM ammo


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Jul 19, 2012
Medford Oregon
Hey guys I just got a new 700 adl in .300 win mag. I had some hand loads as well as a box of HSM 185 gr bergers. My rifle shot up the hand loads just fine, but the first round from HSM would not eject after I shot it. Infact the bolt would not open. Have any of you guys had this problem? Is there anything I can do? I did get the bolt open after some work.
Not being able to open the bolt in my world says some extreme pressure was at play!!! Better get it to a competent gunsmith and have him take a look at it..maybe make a chamber mold and look at the dimensions compared to the norm for that cartridge.. had a .308w one time that showed the same thing no matter what I tried to feed it... it's long gone
It turns out it was the Rifle I took it back to the store after it did it again with some hand loads. Needless to say they are sending it back hopefully I'll get it back in a week or two.
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