Powders for SS109 .223


Sep 21, 2008
I ahve recently purchased 500 62gr. SS109 and 1200 55gr. Tracer bullets. I looking for a load with AA2520, RL-15 or H-4198. I usually shoot Sierra 69gr. and 77gr. and know that accuracy will not match those loads, but I am ex-Army and love to see those SS109 smoke through .250 plate followed by a couple of tracers! Thank you.

Been a long while since I reloaded any FMJ let alone tracers and even then surplus powders where used that you will have a hard time finding these days (AA2200 and 846). If memory serves you want to use a hot ball powder to get the tracers to light off and even then we usually had to weaken the back tab to get the old surplus tracers to light consistantly.
None of the powders you have are optimal but
Speer lists AA2520 for the 62 grainers between 24.5 and a max of 26.5C
For a 55 grain FMJ they list AA2520 from 25grains to a compressed 27grains. **As you know the tracers can and WILL start a fire**

Blue-tips out of the 82A1 where fun!!

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Thank you MarkV. I have decided to pick up some ball powder, maybe 844. I stuffed a full load of 4198 in Lake City brass with CCI Magnum Small Rifle primers and 27.6gr of RL-15 in the same cases and primers. Thanks for the 2520 load. This is my first time to loads with this powder and it meters awesome! Great pictures! I always loved jumping on the 50 and sending some SLAP rounds through an old Deuce and a half!gun)
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