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    Jan 16, 2009
    As background, conversation was had in Japanese, in a public JHS lunchroom. Japanese people have not been able to easily obtain guns in several hundred years. Licensing is very strict, and touching a gun without a license will land you and everyone involved in jail for questioning to determine the “intent” of the handling. The only thing you hear about guns on the news is about hunting accidents where a shotgun pellet went through a window and hit someone, or of the lack of hunters for pig, or bird, etc. problems. Now, onto the conversation

    Mr. O: What are you doing in the US[FONT=&quot]?[/FONT]
    Me: Shopping and hunting
    Mr. O: Hunting?
    Me: Yes
    Mr. O:Hunting.
    Me: Yes
    Mr. O: (holds up “gun”) Hunting
    Me: Yes
    Mr. O: You can do that?
    Me: Yes
    And so continued with 4 other teachers until lunch was over. Regulations, licensing, depredation, invasive species, seasons, pig populations, pig attacks, the whole 9 yards. And even the 9th grade PE teacher (old woman) chimed in and said that her family had a problem with pheasants that was handled by hunters. I thought I would love to help with that problem, but…

    So, that’s mine, post yours up.
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    Sep 12, 2007
    Two years ago i pulled up in front of the general store in a small MT town with 6 antelope and 3 coyotes strapped to the roof of my suburban.As we got out I saw these 3 hippy looking 20yr olds come running across the street to us at top speed.I though here we go gonna have to explain to these hippies why they should mind their own buisness before they get hurt ect,ect.Turns out they were tourists from France and wanted permision to take their pictures with our "deers and wolves",they had a great time climbing up on the roof taking pics of each other with the pile of critters,nicest people you ever met.gun)