Point me in the general direction please.


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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
Hey guys I live in wyoming and I love elk hunting, so I am looking to expand my horizon and hunt another state. I would like to hunt New Mexico for a big Bull. I am not looking for anyone to give up their secret spots but can someone point me in a general direction like a mountain range or even better a hunt area maybe? I will be doing a non resident hunt with no guide I just want to go hike around and find some elk. but at least have a good place to start. thanks in advance.

Hey guys I live in wyoming and I love elk hunting, so I am looking to expand my horizon and hunt another state.


Hey Mike, If you wanted to hunt closer to home you might try the Medicine Bow Range south if Larame WY. I have hunted Colorado area 6, just south of that state line, off and on for 20 years and sometimes there is a really good sized herd in there. Good hunting and best of luck to you. :)
I shot a bull with a general tag by medicine bow this year and a cow up here by cody but 2 elk per year isnt enough i love life in the mountains so the more the better.
For a nonresident with a high percentage chance to actually draw out on a bull tag in New Mexico you can look at units 51 and 53. You should check the success rate on actually killing an animal. I was going to go but decided to go to Utah instead.

If you want to hunt cow elk, Utah is nearly 100% chance to draw for a nonresident and a spike elk tag is over the counter.

If you want to hunt trophy elk don't pay any attention to me. I just like to go and hunt elk of any kind.
HAHA yeah Buffalobob I am the same way i love to shoot elk a cow is just as much fun as a bull but if im gonna pay outragous nonresident fees im looking for a good tag i want a 330 plus bull

Ditto BB! I love to hunt elk of any kind too! As far as I am concerned any elk is a trophy to me. Love to see 'em, Love to chase 'em, love to smell 'em, and love to eat 'em!

Mike my suggestion is go north! Check in MT. I am not sure what the district number is but it is the district just south of Helena in the appropriately named group of mountains called the "Elk Horns." Hard as hell to draw a tag in that district for a Bull, I think drawing a cow isnt too difficult and I think spike may be shot with a general elk license. Some of the guys I know that hunt up there say its an absolute nightmare to hunt unless you have a Bull tag. Its a nightmare because if you are up there after a spike all you see is Monster bulls all over the place and you cant do anything about it. I try to stay away because the temptation may get the best of me, I am afraid my gun might "accidently" go off while I am admiring a huge bull!
Yeah i have thought about MT but the reason I picked NM is i have heard they have a lot of acess. mt would be closer however its like wyoming and it has a good amount of private. I know wyoming though so its not a big deal. I just think I am set on NM

I called some NM CO's about Muley hunting years ago. Got some long sob stories about the MD population at the time, and not to waste my time and money. Then they both promptly asked me to come down and shoot an Elk because they had tremendous numbers. That's got to be coming up on 10 years ago now, and every spring I get on the NM website to look at draw results and dream of the next season. As BB said above, unit 51 & 53 stick out as the best choices, and they are also the units the CO's pushed me towards.

Now the disclaimer. I've never been there, I farm for a living and there is no possible way for me to sneak off for the MB seasons. So take my words with a grain of salt (or H-4831sc if that's your flavor.)

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