Please Look. HeliHunting

Thats is not hunting, I can live with airborne nuiscance control, but that is disgusting.
Not any better than going to your local zoo and shooting some game animals. Unbelievable.
Those guys are as.......les, that is not hunting at all!!!
Cant believe that in a place as beautiful as NZ, with game as awesome as tahr, there can be people doing disgusting things like that. Sad to see this video.
Being from NZ and seeing that sort of carry on is just think our taxes go to the people looking at making that leagal

Those pilots are no better than the paying customer...may be worse as does the client really know what he is in for.....but for me I would pull out of the hunt If someone had me chasing animals until they stopped

If this becomes big over here it will be impossable to go for a hunt without some clown flying in and spooking the Tahr you have just climbed hours to get too.....and trampers will void the area as who wants there wilderness experiance with choppers hounding the hills......Seriously not happy

The more that submit a comment to the contact on the vidio the better...I have and have done other submitions

As tourist hunters that do it right I am sure you would be put of hunting in NZ if your genuine hunt was disturbed by these clowns...tell them so

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truly disgusting !

very sad for the people doing it as their moral compass is way off........

no animal except maybe muslim extremeists and child molesters deserve that kind of treatment.

I think the vast majority of hunters find this reprehensible and hopefully it will die out naturally due to lack of interest.

i would just like to say though that i have no problem with using a helicopter to extract the shot game after an ethical hunt especially as i strongly belive you should use your hunted animals either for your self or to go into the food chain and the quicker it's processed the better?
went hunting on the fringe of heli shooting/ meat hunting there not allowed to shoot over the weekend but and we were walking out monday morn they came in like flys

needs to b stoped
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