Pine Valley BR match

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    Jul 5, 2007
    The "Obama Still Sucks 250" will be March 22,2014. This will be our first of three 250 yd. matches for the new year. Last year we had the "Obama Sucks 250" and since nothing has changed we will again celebrate our President by naming our match in his honor.

    Pine Valley Benchrest Range
    321 Dorrell Rd.
    Huntsville, TX 77320

    This is a 250 yd. clay bird match using mini clay targets, 2 3/8 in. diameter.
    40 targets with 40 rounds. Four relays of 10 targets.
    $40.00 entry with 50% of total fees paying back to the top four shooters.
    Last year we averaged 43 shooters per match.
    Sign up when you get there.
    Shooters meeting at 8:00 am.
    Email if you need more info.
    Mike Cockcroft
    mcockcroft at sbcglobal dot net