Pinckney MI, x-vet


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Mar 29, 2018
I'm a x vet, experienced reloader. In fact was just out sighting in savage axis 2, 243 winchester . I loaded 13.5grs blue dot behind 55gr. Dogtown sp. 5 shots in bullseye @ 25yrds. Was off paper 20". I was in tanks in army. Long range shooting. lol Gor 3 red squirrels today with umarex gauntlet .177 .
Thk you for serving our Country ! & welcome I'm old school 1/14 twist 223 rem in a semi heavy Krieger bbl on a Sako action ,I still can't outshoot that baby lol 26 inch loaded some 40 v/max 3800 plus ,heck on red squirrels ,yeah I'm very happy ,don't own an ai or 204 but good to have choices lol my 220 swifts jealous , regards
If I wanted to push .223 bullets at long range, I'd go .223AI if I wanted easy case availability (instead of going to 22-250). The 204 Ruger is good for flat trajectory shooting varmints. Personally I went 20 Practical for free cases. I shoot 20 Practical, 223, and 6X45 as I have easy availability to 223 cases from other shooters.

Blue Dot in a 243? That is one I have not heard before.

I used to live in that area...Ann Arbor, Belleville, Royal Oak. Shot at the DNR range off 59 east of Brighton, can't remember the name.
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