piccatinny rail for cz 550 ????

US Optics makes one, and both they and Optics Planet carry it. The latter is sometimes cheaper than the former for the same product. I saved $30 on the rail for my Cooper Mod 22.
Border - If I may ask, what rail did you put on your Cooper. Did the factory do it, or did you do it on your own.

Many thanks.
My Cooper Model 22 Phoenix came with nothing except a drilled and tapped receiver. I first put on Leupold bases and 30mm rings for a Burris 3-12x50 XTR, and that was good out to 1100 yards. Next month I'm shooting against some friends at 1200 and up, though, so I ordered the US Optics 20 MOA rail and some Warne 34mm rings for the new Bushnell HDMR with the Horus 59 reticle. I really like the Horus reticles but the Horus company sucks. I blew out an internal lens on one of their scopes after about 200 .308 rounds shot over a two year period, and their response was "Sorry, but you're SOL." Warranty expires in one year. No one will repair one, including the Japanese factory that built them, and I wrote every private scope repair outfit in the US. $899 (on a Shot Show special) down the tubes. A pretty expensive and clumsy paper weight. The new Bushnell has promise, though, and a limited lifetime warranty. I'm going to test the limits of the scope and the 6.5 x.284 . . . or at least test my limits with that set up. Most of the guys I'm shooting against are shooting FN H-bars in .300WSM, and that's a mighty fine 1200 yard cartridge. They're also damned fine marksmen, but I can get my 6.5x284 out to the same range with about 2/3 of the come ups they use, and the recoil is considerably more comfortable.
Border - Many thanks for getting back to me with such an in depth answer, it is really what I needed.

I have a Model 21 on order in .223 for woodchucks. I am still waiting for the rifle so I have had a lot of time to think about scopes and mounting. With this rifle I will just use the supplied Leupold bases but most likely go 30mm with a Leupold 4.5-14. Rectile, I am not sure yet but most likely just a fine duplex but the mil-dot has me interested. The mil-dot may not be of much use on this rifle but I am thinking it might be a good idea to just get into the mil-dot way of thinking for ranging.

My question to you was because the .223 is only going to reach out so far and in the future I will most like go with the rail system as I understand it offers more options.

Good luck with the new scope and you rifle.

Gosh I hope I get my Cooper soon.
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