SOLD/EXPIRED Pentax - This, That and the Other Sale

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by gr8fuldoug, May 15, 2010.

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    Dec 3, 2007
    Pentax - This, That and the Other Sale

    This week is the NRA convention which means that next week we will be getting in more demos and show samples from everyone. We need to clear some space. I just went to look and we have a few one of these and one of those in Pentax gear so I am doing this post to clear these onesies out.
    These are all functionally and optically perfect. It is best to call if you see something that interests you, e-mail or PM if we are not in.

    OK, here's the list:

    Riflescopes and kits:

    #89505 2-8x39 Lightseeker Matte @ $199.99
    Gameseeker Essential Kit @ $109.99 with the Gameseeker 4-12x40mm Scope & 10x42 Gameseeker DCF Binocular

    Pentax Binoculars

    #65806 20x60 PCF WP @ $99.99

    #65808 10x50 PCF WP II @ $99.99

    #65804 12x50 PCF WP @ $69.99

    #65807 8x40 PCF WP II @ $89.99

    #65792 10x50 XCF @ $49.99

    #62610 8x28 DCF MP @ $129.99
    #62217 8-16x21 UCF Zoom II @ $69.99

    #62212 10x25 UCF X with case but no box @ $49.99

    #62551 8x42 DCF WP II @ $199.99

    #65791 8x40 XCF @ $49.99

    #62609 10x25 UCF WP @ $79.99

    #61313 8x20 MCF II Jupiter @ $24.99

    #62210 10x21 UCF R @ $34.99

    Digital Camera Adapter:
    #69561 PF-DS1 Digital Camera Adapter - The Pentax PF-DS1 Digital Camera Adaptor allows any Pentax Optio S series (Optio S, S4, S4i, S5i, S5X, S6) of digital cameras to be attached to a Pentax spotting scope with ease. Spotting scope can be used as a super-telephoto lens with the adapter. The adapter can be connected to Pentax XW, XF eyepieces (zoom excluded). Can be used with any Pentax spotting scope with a fixed power eyepiece.

    If there is something here that interests you please give a call. Thanks for the continued support.