SOLD/EXPIRED Pentax PF65ED Spotter


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Nov 8, 2014
Time to sell my long time hunting companion, Pentax PF65ED. I have used this spotter over the last 5 years on a multitude of hunts and scouting trips. I have always taken great care of it because I have regarded it highly. I finally reached a point where I could take advantage of purchasing a Leica so now it’s for sale. I won’t tell you that it’s just as good as the best because it isn’t. Optically I can tell you the Leica is better but the difference isn’t as dramatic as I would have expected. I can tell you that you would have to pay at least double my asking price on any new or used optics to do better. A couple benefits of this scope are the size and weight, also its ability to utilize standard 1.25” astronomy eyepieces. That creates a multitude of options for your viewing pleasure. Below are some links to “Birding sites” that have reviewed this scope. I tend to trust their optical expertise because they are a very fickle group. Glass is perfect shape-no scratches, mechanically like new with a few minor abrasions on the body. Tripod not included.
$525 TYD
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