i use 'em on my lever guns and C.Sharps, and one older custom 30-06. I like the lyman tang for lever guns and i have one adapted to one c. sharps. I use the redfieod reciever mtd. one on the 30-06
I had a Williams peep on my 760 pump. I'm now north of 40 and my eyes are not what they once were. I decided that the 1.5-4.5 with the firefly was the answer to my dilemma. Well I wish I left that alone. The scope works well mounted in redfield rings/base lapped etc. The problem is the carry is no longer comfortable. I track my game so 8-14 miles in a day is the norm not the exception. I've struggled with what has been second nature the last 2 seasons with the scope in place. As far as accuracy goes. You be the judge the rifle is a 760 carbine in 30.06 I can hit milk jugs out to 250 meters with both sights off hand. After that because of the inferior ballistics of the short pipe I try to get closer. Most of the shots I take btw are under 30 feet and the scope just is not as fast or I think it's not as fast key word think instead of shoot.
You can't beat open sights for hunting in the brush...model 94 30-30. I've considered getting one of the tang peeps for it, which one should I look into?


c. sharps arms in big timber,mt. has a great tang site for the model 94. originally designed for the sharps rifle they make, john modified one years ago for me to fit a model 94 38-55, and has since added them to the line. I have 'em on 4 different 94's now and like 'em.
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