Options for building a .308

Matt Regalia

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Oct 9, 2001
Livonia, MI
I want to build a 308 for hunting deer and shooting out to 800yds or so. Currently I have $700-$800 to spend on the gun. But that pot is growing every two weeks by alittle
My dilema is I don't know where to start. I have never build or had some one build a custom gun. I want to use a Remington 700 action with a aftermarket barrel. But you all have lost me when you talk about barrel contours and how you determine what twist the barrel should have. I am also looking at a Shilen trigger or something in the 2 pond range that breaks over really cleanly. Then there is the stock. I like the feel of the McMillen hunter style with the palm swell. But how do you order the stock and have it fit with the heavy barrel. Sorry if I am asking very basic questions. But at 26 years old, most of you have been shooting longer than I have been alive. I mean that in a good way
In that I value your experience and what your input.

Or should I look for a used 308 or 243 and use that as a starting point. Have it rebarreled and the action trued up. Then do the trigger and have a new stock put on?

What do recommed for a scope? I have a 6.5 X 20 by 50mm Leupold with the 30mm tube. But it is currently on my Lapua. And I do not want to separate the two.


Matt Regalia

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Oct 25, 2001
Altus, OK

On the McMillan stock issue, if you have already decided what contour you want, McMillan will usually have the pattern (if the company is well known, Krieger, Lilja, Shilen, Hart, etc.) and will inlet the channel for you. If not, I reccommend buying the Brownells barrel channel tools, a cheaper alternative to this (albeit slower) is to measure the barrel and buy a dowel rod and rap sandpaper around it and start sanding. For your trigger, if all you want to go down to, a competent gunsmith should be able to get your Remington factory trigger down to two pounds. Barrel contour will depend heavily on what weight you want your rifle. Most makers have a chart on their web sight, this may not mean alot but they also usually have the weight of the barrel listed next to it. This should give you a pretty good idea of how big the barrel is. Some things I learned when I had my first rifle built was to find out EXACTLY what is included when you have the work done. I had bought the barrel and went to the gunsmith to have it put on and assumed he would true the action at the same time and didn't, so I had to spend more money to have this done. Some people charge for marking the caliber on the barrel. Some will have separate charges for lapping the lugs and squaring the bolt face. Just some advice is to find out what is included. My two cents anyway.

On the action, definately go with a used gun and part it out. It will be much less costly. For the scope, what I tell everyone is to buy the best you can afford. Don't skimp on the scope (from the sounds of your other scope you won't).


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Your gonna love shooting the .308 I can't shoot mine enough. I'm not sure at 800 yards you have the energy needed to kill effciently. I personally like to have at least 1000 ft lbs to do it. I get about 650 yards out of my .308 but I live at high altitude as well.
As far as the building a "custom" gun there are alot of guys on here in your area that could probobly lead you to a good smith to do the work. I personally after some research just went to a smith who builds custom guns from all new parts.
I figured that until you buy a used gun and get everything done, it begins to add up. I just saved a little more and wnet for the whole shabang. 338lapua is right don't try to save on the scope!!! one thing I have learned is that you can't spend to much on the scope. I recently put a Nightforce NXS 3.5-15X50mm on my .308... UNBELIEVABLE!!! I will put the 8-32 on the next gun I am building.
I will say that I have a Jewell trigger and I will never have any other kind of trigger but a jewell!! They all warned me that once you shoot a jewell that's all you will want to shoot. THEY WERE RIGHT!!!!
Your definitly at the fun part of gun building looking and gathering the info. to put you new baby together.. have fun with it!!!!

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