Optima Elite 45 Custom Smokeless 300 Yards

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    Jan 31, 2011
    I finally got my smokeless sighted in and thought I would share the Strelok Ballistic App and how it worked for me.

    Thought this would be some helpful information for any of you using apps for your phone.

    Last week I was able to re mount my Vortex Crossfire II 4-12 BDC scope back on my 45 slufoot conversion. I found the Strelok App and was able to use it for longer range shooting. I was only able to test two shots since I only had two left from sighting in. I thought this would be a helpful app and thought to post my results.

    Here is what you put in.

    Distance, yards=300
    Slope angle=0
    Wind speed=0
    Wind Direction=0
    Scope 183/1.5/.025/.025 MOA
    Zeroing Weather: 2500/45/30
    Cartridge: 2500FPS/45/1.4/.200

    Once you get all the information in it will show your reticle which mine looked like this for shooting at a 300 yard target


    I took the two shots at 300 to see how close it was and I feel this will be a good app to use. Here is where I hit at 300 yards.


    Very happy with the set up and hope to get 400 yards this week sometime.

    All shots were

    45 Smokeless Optima Elite
    Vortex 4-12 Crossfire II BDC Reticle
    250 Hornady SST (.200 BC)
    Wool Wad
    12/52 4759/4198 Duplex Load
    Win 209 Primer
    2505 FPS Average