Has anyone used the Tikka Optilock rings? Can pick them up for $90 cdn. Are the worth it?
(should read $185. Sorry)

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NO. I "had" a pair on my Sako when I purchased it. Too high, even the low rings. And those blasted allen head screws simply blow!!

I like the Leupolds QD's,(nice and low),and Talley QD's...sakofan..

Some friends have tried and liked the Warne rings. I have not.
Have used them, installed them, and happily sell them. Recently got a set for a Sako TRGS in 338 Laupa, with a Night Force.

Optilock rings are a great design, extremely strong, and eliminate any tube stress. A smart take off of a pillow block bearing.

Burris orginally came out with the first kind of this ring style in the Signature model.
The smart part of the Signature ring is patented ability to use inserts to adjust windage/elevation w/o affecting internal adjustments.

Sako former owner of Tikka, has made the Optilock available for both Sako, and Tikka. A larger, heavier version of the Burris Signature but w/o variable insert sizes.

Haven't had problems with the Allen style socket screw heads, do prefer Torx which will eventually be standard.

One of those simple things wish I'd invented.
Worked good for me on several rifles 243 to 338 LM. Easy for the scope too. I agree with the allen screws though, care must be taken. No excessive force recommended / needed.
I never had any problems with the Optilocs, as far as performance. Just hated the heighth, and the allen heads..sakofan..FWIW
I have used the optiloks on 2 Tikka's. I have been very happy with them, without any problems.

I see we're from the same neck of woods so please tell me where I can purchase Tikka rings/bases for $89.
I was wrong on the price in my first post. SIR has the blue bases at 86.99 and the blue rings at 94.99. Thats over 200 with taxes. Can usually do better at Farmerssupply. Could probably set up with something else just as good for less money.
I believe the Leupold QD's were about $45.00 US. The Talleys were around $100.00. I think.

Good rings. But, there is alot better for that kind of money. I cant believe that more people that posted, didnt bitch about how high they are..sakofan..
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