Opinions on variable scope with 20x-25 on top end - $1,00-$1,500

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Dec 26, 2001
Long Island, New York
Title says it all. I'm looking for a variable power scope with a top end of 20x-25x. The scope will be mounted on a new varmint rifle in 22 Creed. The rifle will see plenty of bench time and will be used occasionally for groundhogs, coyote, deer.

What do you recommend?
The new FFP 5-25X50 trijicon tenmile hands down. If you shoot MOA. If you shoot mil the 5-30X56 tenmile is legit also.

Ive extensively used the 3-18's and the 5-30X56 and they've been great. As soon as they come out with that 5-25X50 in MIL ill be buying one
Vortex strike eagle 5-25x56. Hands down the best scope I've ever used under a grand. I've got three of them now and have been using them for the past 4 years. It's been my go to for my hunting rifles and the features you get are hard to beat in that price range.
Although the Delta Stryker 3.5-21x44 is a bit over your budget at $1,595, it is worth stretching your budget to obtain. It's one of the best crossover scopes you can get your hands on.
Used NF NX8. Either the 2.5-20×50 or 4-32×50. I like the 2.5-20×50 myself for the wide FOV for those close or moving coyotes. 20x is more than enough for prairie dogs a long ways out.
For paper and squirels I like big objectives with the smallest cross hairs. I have some 8- 32 and one 10-40 power. To see those little guys clear out past 350 yards. The problem is heat waves out here in the southwest.

I have learned to not buy something unless I look through the same type first.
No history with Trijicon, seems highly regarded. My pick would be to find a used Ziess LRP S3. I have both S3 and S5 on 22LR's, and I like the S3, seems like you can back out of mirage and retain a nice clear look.
That seems to be a kind of awkward price range for new scopes. I think most companies target under 1000 or under 2000, and the stuff in between is more like a $1000 scope with some features that aren't useful to many shooters than something between a $1000 scope and a $2000 scope.

There's lots of good used options though. A gen 2 Razor runs about $1500 used.
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Trijicon Tenmile, Tract Toric or Athlon Cronus all three made in Japan all three tested by Barbour Creek James Eagleman and passed his tests for tracking, return to zero and clarity.
Not sure why, but when I saw a notice this am that someone added to this thread, got myself thinking of all the "good for the coin" scopes touted over the yrs and reminisced about which ones I bought into.
Weaver tactical
Vortex PST
Burris XTR II
Leupold ZL-ZL2 models, countless times, good scope, but sooner or later, you outshoot their dial distance.

I really wish I had somehow capped the eyepiece end of the arken and filled it with 22LR lead at 200 yards with a scope that would focus.
The only opinions I take today on which scope to buy comes from the voices in my head, and yes, there are many.
Not offering advice here, just musing, in public, hehe